Hof Thormählen

Hof Thormählen, which has been in the family since 1561, is located between Glücksstadt and Elmshorn, in the fascinating Kollmarer Marsch nature preserve area. Surrounded by around 150 acres of luscious pastures, the antique farm has retained its very special charm right up to this day.  

Ingela and Harm Thormählen

High quality horses have been bred at Hof Thormählen for generations – in the old days as work horses for the fields. To be able to work the low lying land which becomes as hard as stone within the shortest time when the sun shines and extremely deep and heavy in rain, only the strongest and most willing horses were suitable. The strictly selected stallions and mares of those days are the roots of today's Holstein performance lines.  

When agriculture became mechanized and made the work horse superfluous, Rheder Thormählen was one of the first to place his bets on the modern sport horse. In the 1960s, when riding was still deemed a luxury, Rheder Thormählen gained a reputation as a knowledgeable horseman, trainer and seller. By selectively searching for talents, he was also the one that laid the foundation for successful sport horse breeding at Hof Thormählen, which his son, Harm Thormählen, took over in 1973.

Postcard with horses for sale
Rheder Thormählen

A concentration of the Holstein performance lines  104 a, 173 and 3615 paid off. An entire armada of top horses, beginning with the trademark stallion Capitol I right up to the best horse at the 2002 World Show Jumping Championships  in Jerez/ESP, Fein Cera, were born here.

Hof Thormählen enjoys an outstanding reputation all over the world for its work in breeding, raising and training.